Guaranteed Accuracy Within 0.00025”

Ramtek has the most advanced technology to machine and test every saw guide for precision and accuracy within +/- 0.00025”. Our Zeiss CDC Coordinate Measuring Machine tests each guide, guaranteeing that you operate with optimal performance and efficiency.

Get maximum returns with our accuracy guarantee. 

Saw Guides

Generate more profit for your mill with Ramtek Steel & Aluminum saw guides. We manufacture top-notch quality, highly precise +/- .00025″, engineered saw guides for your mill. ultimately helping you to reduce your maintaince cost, and maximize your lumber recovery.

Key Features

  • CNC Machined
  • Extreme Precision (+/- .00025″)
  • Super Fine Surface Finishing
  • Engineered to Meet Your Needs
  • Engineered Hardcoat (type 3) Anodizing
  • Aluminum Guides  
  • Steel Guides
  • Guaranteed Flatness
  • Heil-Coil inserts or threads: Offer Extra Protection Against Thread Damage

Quality Assurance

  • Multiple inspection stages.
  • Engineered drawings
  • Guide engraving
  • Every guide catalogued and filed on record
  • Each and every guide is CMM inspected
  • Ramtek quality assured

Complete Project Control Management and Quality Control

Our role is not limited to simply receiving and fulfilling orders, instead we work our clients throughout each project from beginning to end . we have found that continuous communication and long term relationships are the best solutions for success . In addition, our dedication is ISO 9001:2008 Quality management gives us the ability to create unparalleled machined components consistently in our machine shop


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