Ramtek gives a variety of manufactured goods to enhance and maintain the functioning of your mill. Our Aluminum and Steel saw guides will increase lumber recovery, resulting in maximized profits for your mill. We specialize in exceptionally accurate saw guides, guaranteed within +/- 0.00025″. We offer super fine surface finishing engineered hard coat(type3) anodizing. In addition to all this, we provide  Our custom and precision solutions ensure that your sawmill runs smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

Sawguide Manufacturing Process

Ramtek works with you to manufacture the most accurate saw guide for your sawmill. We’ve CNC machined saw guides and other parts for all major manufacturers including TSman (or TS Manufacturing), Compact, USNR, Optimal, and Sawquip.

This is our proven process to ensure 0.00025” guaranteed accuracy. 

  1. We request a sample or drawing from you.
  2. Drawings are redone and reviewed with you.
  3. Once approved, CNC machining begins.
  4. Your machined edger parts are moved over to our Quality Control area for CMM accuracy verification.
  5. Once accuracy has been confirmed within 0.00025”, your saw guides are shipped directly to you.

Aluminum Guides

Material – 2014, 6061 Or 7075

Steel Guides

Material – 44W, QT100, AR400 Or QT500